What does it mean to teach a dog to track?

Tracking, basically put,  is teaching a dog to follow human scent to it conclusion. When a dog is taught to track, and does it successfully, the dog follows where a person had walked 30 minutes to several hours before. At the end of the track the dog usually finds something dropped by the track layer. It may be a glove, wallet, or anything containing the scent of the tracklayer.

One can obtain AKC or Schutzhund Titles on their dog. Schutzhund is a German Dog Sport that involves obedience, tracking and protection work. It is usually done with working dogs, German Shepherds, Dobermans, and Rotttweilers, but other breeds have been quite successful in the Sport of Schutzhund.  

Over the course of 33 years of dog training I have obtained two AKC tracking titles and have received high scores in the tracking phases in two Schutzhund Trials. I am currently training a German Shepherd Dog, Sage, towards her AKC and Schutzhund titles. 

If you have any interest in teaching your dog to track please contact me as I am sure I can help you achieve success in this area. We are planning to have a tracking seminar in 2009 and will be happy to let you know about this, as well. 

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