Servic Dogs

In September 2008 we started training a Service Dog. Carbon, a 19month old German Shepherd Dog, is being trained to assist, Taylor a 6 year old boy with Autism and Down Syndrom. The training has gone very well and we hope Carbon will obtain his Canine Good Citizen Certification and his Therapy Dog Certification within two months.

We started training Carbon when his owner approached us with her “problem”. It appears that Service Agencies that provide dogs, throughout the country charge between $7000 to $30,000 for their dogs. We knew we could provide the training for less than this and guaranteed Carbon’s owner Carbon would be as well trained as any dog providing these services.

If you have any need for a Service Dog please contact us so we discuss how we might be able to assist you. We are not equipped to train seeing eye dogs, at this time, as this type of training requires two to three months of training with the blind person and we don’t have a place to accommodate their needs.



Carbon - Our first Service Dog


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