Welcome to Coastal Custom Canines

Breeding Program

Coastal Custom Canines goal in its breeding program is real simple. Produce the best dogs from a stand point of health and temperament. We are currently training a German Shepherd towards her Schutzhund and AKC obedience titles and will only breed her when she receives titles and has both her hip and elbow clearances from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, (OFA).

We do not breed for the “breed ring” so if you are looking for a show dog you may want to look at other kennels. We want health and temperament. What that means is dogs that can do the work they were originally bred to do with no health problems which would inhibit that work. As of today, November 4, 2008 it will be no earlier than June or July of 2009 before breeding again.

We also have a Dutch Shepherd that we are currently working in the area of personal protection. We may breed her to a Police Service Dog currently working on the Middlesex County, Virginia Sheriffs Department. If you are looking for a real working dog we would love to talk to you about this breeding and one other we are considering.


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